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Windows, Siding, And Roofing Case Study: Matt, G. In Nashua, NH.

We’re glad we chose UWD Manchester, first and foremost, because we paid the price they quoted us. No hidden costs!’

After Updating Their Windows, Siding, And Roofing, The Only Complaint Was We Started Too Early.

In this case study, we’re going to talk briefly about the specifics of a project we did for a wonderful family out in the Nashua, NH, area. After extensive work transforming the exterior of their home, their only complaint (which was just in jest, not an actual complaint) was that we ALWAYS started each workday right on the dot at 7 am. They don’t consider themselves early risers, but it was nice to see us consistently hitting the mark.

“Sometimes the install team would arrive early and sit in their van for a few minutes waiting until 7 am struck, and then boom, they got right to work.”

What Did Matt, G’s Project Entail?

We actually did two separate projects. The first was replacing 40 windows in their home with our Premium Ultra-Efficient Windows and then completely updating their siding. Then the second project, which happened two years later, was replacing their old roofing system with one of our Popular, Pristine-Quality Asphalt Roofing Systems.

Let’s look at a couple of Before and After visuals to give you an idea. This first image shows one of their main windows, a grand bay window that went from a grid pattern to wide open for a more unobstructed view.

You can see the dynamic color change to the siding in those images. But let’s give you a more extensive Before photo that shows the real presence of the home before we updated the major exterior components.

Bit darker, especially with the dark window shutters. The home looked dated. Not exactly drab, but not bright and welcoming either. The window grids were more old-fashioned and conventional as well. Here’s what the home looked like from the front after our treatment:

Notice how the wider white window frames without the grids open up the face of the house. They still have the same dark shutters, but the window framing and new Personalized Vinyl Siding substantially brighten everything.

“They got started on the windows within a couple of weeks of signing the dotted lines. Then together, the windows and siding took their crew less than two weeks. They actually finished almost two days early!”

One thing our customers appreciate about how we do things is our straightforward contracts—no fine print. No hidden fees or loopholes to worry about. From your initial consultation to our final walkthrough, each step of our process is designed to give you a smooth and secure experience. The second major project was the roofing, but you can’t see the new asphalt system well from the images. That said, something else we did was replace the pillars or columns in the front of their home! They were old, and the homeowners wanted them to match what we were doing to the windows and siding.

“One thing we really loved is when they replaced the columns, they were careful and laid them out on the lawn so the birds which had set up camp inside could get away safely!”

In this next image, you can see our guys custom building the new columns and starting the process of cutting out the old ones.

And you bet we didn’t want a single bird to be harmed in the process of replacing those columns!

How Did Installation Go?

Flawlessly. Impeccably. We have a crystal-clear and extremely practiced process, so our projects almost always move along like clockwork. We aren’t newcomers to our local New Hampshire or Northern Massachusetts home improvement industry. We will bend over backward to ensure every detail is just right.

“They did a great job building rapport, listening carefully to what we needed, and taking the time to walk us through the possibilities.”

Were There Any Post-Project Issues?

No. We’re too detail-oriented, and the steps we take to keep an eye on quality make it near impossible to miss something.

“No post-install issues!”

However, not long after the project was complete, they threw a nice party with family and friends. Unfortunately, someone accidentally dented a siding board, and we got the call to come out and replace it. They said they would be happy to pay, but we replaced the board without charge.

“UWD Manchester is incredibly responsive. They came out and replaced the siding board within a couple of days. They had actually come and gone, and we didn’t even know it. They’re so nice! We started sending them referrals immediately.”

Bottom Line: UWD Manchester Will Come Through For You

Big or small, extensive or straightforward, no matter what kind of exterior remodeling project you’re considering for your home, we would greatly appreciate your consideration. Our initial consultations are informative, friendly, and transparent. We’ll be happy to give you a rock-solid price and explain each step of the process. All you have to do is reach out and Contact Us. Thanks so much for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.



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