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1. You Can Trust We Take Every Precaution

Success in the home remodeling industry takes a careful, prudent approach. Every step of the process needs to be delicate and deliberate. At Universal Windows Manchester we’ve left no stone unturned. No matter which of our consultants and crews you work with, you’re going to be FULLY informed.

  • You’ll know who is coming, who these professionals are, and what time they’ll arrive.

  • You’ll know how long the project will last and who to contact day to day. Not for one second will you feel left out of the loop while work is being done on your home.

  • You’ll know what’s going to happen, when, and for what reason. The benefits of every choice we make together with you will be explained step by step so you’re on board.

The satisfaction of our clients is too important. We don’t leave anything to chance. You can trust that our Exterior Remodeling Process is polished and secure.

Brightly-lit white living room with French doors.

Schedule Your Free Estimate

Thanks so much for your time today. We appreciate it and look forward to hearing from you soon. You can call, or use the Contact Us page here on our website. Remember, our friendly customer service is always ready to answer your questions or get you scheduled for an in-home meeting.

No pressure. No sales. No awkward silences. Just helpful answers to your questions and quick prompt attention to your exterior remodeling needs.

Are you the kind of person who prefers to work with established family-run contractors when it comes to home improvement? Do you appreciate that close friendly level of attention and responsiveness vs. behemoth companies that are more hit or miss on the service side of things?

Great! Because Universal Windows Manchester is a value-driven exterior remodeler.

Integrity. Respect. Compassion. Quality materials. Solid reputation. These aren’t just words for us, but the foundations of how we run our business. That said, out of all the values we focus on, what’s our #1?

That’s easy — it’s Trust.

Trust that our way of doing things is going to be transparent, honest, and held to the highest of industry standards. We want you to know when you choose us you become family and family is everything to us.

And that it is.

Trust: Our Core Value Is For Your Comfort

You Can Trust Our Careful, Meticulous Process And The Quality Of Our Installations

Here are three specific examples:

Smiling young girl hugging father

2. You Can Trust Our Attention To Detail

Windows. Doors. Siding. Roofing. These are critical systems that involve a large array of details, all working together to determine how comfortable you are in the home. Not to mention energy bills and efficiency.

In everything we do, from the initial phone call, the complimentary consultation, the welcome email you’ll receive to how detailed our cleanup work is (drop cloths, magnetic sweeps, special vacuums, etc.), to the way we caulk, install trim to perfection, and supervise work sites…every detail is on our checklist.

3. You Can Trust Our Responsiveness

There are five types of people you’ll typically interact with when working with us. Each is trained to be especially responsive to your needs.

‍Our Customer Service Reps

On the front end most people first meet and greet with our customer service reps. They’re friendly. They’re product specialists. They’re communicators. Whenever you call us during business hours, someone is always going to pick up the phone and be there to answer your questions.

‍Our Exterior Remodeling Consultants

Part of Guaranteeing Your Satisfaction, is listening carefully. Once our trained consultants ask you enough questions and understand where you’re coming from, they will happily walk you through your options and match you with the high-level benefits you need.

‍Our Operations Managers

Before your project when they take measurements, and during your project as every step in the process is unfolding smoothly, you’ll have your own operations manager ensuring quick responsive communication and scheduling. They can work with you and accommodate your concerns.

‍Our Lead Installers

Every UWD Manchester crew has an extremely experienced Lead Installer that acts as a worksite supervisor (Windows, Doors, Siding, Roofing). They’re accessible, approachable, and friendly. Their job is to check, recheck, and triple-check the work their crew is doing and keeping every detail at the highest standards.

‍Our Work & Installation Crews

At the end of the day, we don’t rely on unskilled, high-risk labor. Instead, all of our crews are talented. These are good hard-working tradespeople who’ve honed their craft. We keep it that way through a strong company culture that revolves around results, our core values, and ethical conduct.

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