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Siding Case Study: Norman, R. In Manchester, NH.

Siding Case Study: Norman, R. In Manchester, NH.

‘I honestly can’t say enough good things about them in regards to their expertise and workmanship.’

After Updating His Home With New Premium-Grade Siding, Norman Is Thoroughly Enjoying The Benefits

The first thing to know about Norman is that he bought an older home a few years back, initially built in 1977. And like many of these homes in our part of the New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts area, it had OLD aluminum siding. Performance was waning. The color was fading. His siding had also begun to oxidize and get chalky. And, of course, the chalky stuff got on whatever happened to bump into it; skin, clothes, anything…

Here’s a Before image that shows the back of the home on a sunny day:

Excellent secure foundation, but from a safety standpoint, aluminum retains heat, so it isn’t exactly geared for fire protection. Once Norman was ready to improve the home, his first move was to upgrade the siding. Not just to a newly updated style, but one in a better color!

Here’s a shot of the front of the home before our treatment:

How Did We Meet Norman?

Norman headed to a local home improvement show the year after he bought the home. We hit it off and scheduled a time to conveniently meet at his house to look at the many options at his disposal.

  • We went through the best colors for his area and situation and agreed on the Ageless Slate.

  • We walked through different material options, including the different grades of vinyl siding. Unlike most other exterior remodeling companies in New Hampshire, we can install various systems rather than just one.

  • After explaining the benefits and features and going through a comparative analysis, Norman chose the premium grade because it’s thicker, lays nice and straight, it’s not wavy, and there aren’t any defects.

  • While he could have gotten lower-quality vinyl siding and done the job for less, he wanted high-quality material and increased resale value.

Then, because of the unprecedented events of 2020, the project got postponed for a year! He came back to the following home improvement show, and again, we chatted and scheduled a time to come over and provide an updated quote on the project. Everything looked great, so Norman made a deposit, and we got his order moving. Within a short period of time, we’d ordered the materials and set an installation date right smack dab in the middle of winter.

How Did The Installation Go?

Once the materials arrived, we gave Norman a call, and he was excited to see us begin.

“It was right in the middle of winter, but there were no problems at all. The install crew was very professional and courteous; nice people to work with.”

Here, let’s look at an After photo so you can see the results. This is the back of the home.

First, we stripped off all that old chalky aluminum siding. Then we took off the old house wrap and replaced that with a high-quality wrap. We then added some new insulation and precision-installed the siding down to the finest detail.

“The siding came out absolutely beautiful! The crew was outstanding; rain, cold…they were here, and it took them a short period of time to complete the job. People in my neighborhood were giving me compliments within days.”

Norman also enjoyed having our field supervisor show up on his property every workday to ensure everything was perfect, touch base with him, and keep them always in the loop.

“The installers were so professional. Every little detail was spot on – straight, level, perfectly fit and measured, etc. They were awesome.”

Here’s a shot of the front of the house. Look at how incredible the windows look now, vs. just sort of fading into the old white aluminum siding from before.

Were There Any Follow-Up Issues?

There were a couple of small items to be taken care of, which we promptly addressed without question—for example, a handful of spots on the soffits.

“I cannot emphasize how great these people were to work with. The company itself was more than sufficient in regards to taking my phone calls, professionally answering my questions, and being really accommodating to my demands.”

And Norman didn’t have to do any clean-up. Not inside or out. Everything was spotless.

Bottom Line: UWD Manchester Will Come Through For You

Big or small, extensive or straightforward, no matter what kind of exterior remodeling project you’re considering for your home, we would greatly appreciate your consideration. Our initial consultations are informative, friendly, and transparent. We’ll be happy to give you a rock-solid price and explain each step of the process. All you have to do is reach out and Contact Us. Thanks so much for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.



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