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Replacement Windows Case Study: Kevin, O. – Bedford, NH.

Great Communication. A straightforward process. No follow-up repairs or issues. And flawless installs!’

We Replaced All 30+ Windows In Their 3-Story Home Originally Built In The Early 1980s

In this exterior remodeling cse study, we’d like to tell you about how we transformed Kevin, O’s beautiful 3-story home in Bedford. We’re based just next door in Manchester, so his projects are local. Let’s start from the beginning...

How Did We Meet Kevin?

Kevin knew our founder and owner, Sean Dodge, for years. They met through a local Little League here in the area. Not only does UWD Manchester sponsor the mini-athletes and their programs, but he and Sean both have kids in the league.

“I already knew that UWD isn’t just another New Hampshire exterior remodeling company, but a contributor to our community as well! The choice to use them for my projects came down to confidence in their work and cost-effectiveness through them vs. other local contractors.”

What Was The Process Like?

Once they talked about seeing what the specifics would entail, they scheduled an in-house meeting to go over them step by step; point by point. We brought samples, took him through our process, and came to three important conclusions:

  1. Their house was originally built in 1984, so it was time for upgraded windows that maximized light.

  2. The project would need to be split into two. The first pass would replace bedroom and bathroom windows on the second floor, and then sometime later (it ended up being two years), we would tackle the first floor and basement.

  3. The new windows would be a mix of high-quality double and triple pane models to get the most value possible and optimize around efficiency and property value. We would install triple in higher-traffic rooms, with double in the least used.

We gave Kevin a lot of information while setting out an economic plan that accommodated energy, budgeting, and functional needs.

“They came out and gave me great perspective on how this would impact our home. We work in Tech, so we don’t know much about windows, and we’re complete amateurs at home improvement. Being walked through the options and UWD’s different levels of products helped bring everything together.”

The Installation Phases

We got started quickly, and there weren’t any concerns about lead times, product availability, or conveniently scheduling an installation date. We honestly and transparently set expectations, then moved rapidly with clear, consistent communication.

“They were installing about 12-14 windows a day. From the time they sent the orders out for the new windows, to a couple of workdays or perhaps a week to get them in, the install teams were super-efficient, very clean, orderly, and left no messes or damage behind.”

Were there any follow-up repairs or issues that we needed to come in and fix?


“Each window was a flawless installation. They knew we needed everything to be put in well; that we wanted to be comfortable and confident about their workmanship.”

Bottom Line: UWD Manchester Is A Solid, Reliable Option

Our process is more straightforward. Our prices make sense. Our installation work is impeccable. If you’ve had experience working with other remodeling contractors and have gone through home improvement nightmares, we’re a breath of fresh air.

“We’ve had a lot of work done on the house: bathroom renovations, kitchen replacement, extensive tile work, etc. And each project, even comparable ones like the tile job, required several back and forths. There was a lack of attention to detail. But not with UWD. No having to replace interior or exterior trim around windows, walls were completely preserved without impacts, no patching up spots or redoing clapboard. It was great!”

Big or small, extensive or straightforward, no matter what kind of exterior remodeling project you’re considering for your home, we would greatly appreciate your consideration. Our initial consultations are informative, friendly, and transparent. We’ll be happy to give you a rock-solid price and explain each step of the process. All you have to do is reach out and Contact Us. Thanks so much for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.



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