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Every UniShield® window we install comes with a lifetime materials and labor warranty, giving you peace of mind about your investment.

Our Unishield® Window Guarantee

Their timeless style, straightforward operation, and easy maintenance make double-hung windows a popular choice for many homeowners. Key features include:

  • Dual Sash Design

  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Enhanced Ventilation

Key Features of Our Double-Hung Windows

The timeless appeal of double-hung windows lies in their classic design and versatility, complementing every type of architectural style. The ability to slide both the upper and lower sashes provides excellent ventilation control, allowing homeowners to regulate airflow according to their comfort. 

The Timeless Appeal of Double-Hung Windows

Large white home

Our Service Area

Universal Windows Manchester proudly offers exceptional home window installation services in southern and eastern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. The towns we serve include, but are not limited to:

New Hampshire

Universal Windows Direct-Manchester has earned an outstanding reputation for its quality windows, expert craftsmanship, unbeatable lifetime warranties, and 5-star service. Check out many online reviews below to see what we’re talking about.

Your Trusted Local Window Installer

  • Double-hung windows and casement windows offer distinct advantages. Double-hung windows consist of two vertically sliding sashes, allowing for flexible ventilation control from both the top and bottom. They are well-suited for both traditional and modern homes and offer a classic aesthetic. Casement windows open outward like a door, providing excellent ventilation and an unobstructed view. They are energy efficient and seal tightly when closed.

    The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference; those valuing a timeless appearance and vertical sliding operation may prefer double-hung windows, while those desiring superior ventilation and a modern look may opt for casement windows.

    Double-Hung vs. Casement Windows

  • Double-hung and sliding windows share a horizontal layout, but they operate differently. Double-hung windows have vertically sliding sashes, offering flexible ventilation control. They are often chosen for their classic appearance and suitability for various architectural styles. Sliding windows, however, have horizontally moving panels that glide along tracks. They are easy to operate and provide a contemporary, streamlined look. Sliding windows are ideal for spaces where a wide, unobstructed view is desired.

    Choosing between the two depends on the desired style, ease of operation, and the specific spatial requirements of your living space.

    Double-Hung vs. Sliding Windows

  • Double-hung windows vary significantly from bay and bow windows in terms of design and functionality. Double-hung windows consist of two stacked sashes that slide vertically, offering versatile ventilation options. They are compact and ideal for spaces with limited wall space. In contrast, bay and bow windows project outward, creating additional interior space and a panoramic view. Bay and bow windows enhance both interior and exterior aesthetics, providing a dramatic focal point and more natural light.

    The choice between double-hung and bay/bow windows depends on the architectural vision, available space, and the desire for a visually striking feature in the room.

    Double-Hung vs. Bay and Bow Windows

To assist you in choosing the best type of windows for your home, take a look at this side-by-side comparison:

Comparing Double-Hung Windows with Other Options

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Universal Windows Direct-Manchester offers premium quality double-hung window installation in central, southern, and coastal New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. Contact our professional team today to discuss your options.

Double-Hung Window Installation in NH and MA

Double hung windows in white room
Exterior view of brightly lit front porch with stone columns and gray siding

Double-hung windows offer many benefits to homeowners, including:

Benefits of Installing Double-Hung Windows

Advanced Safety and Security
Energy Efficiency
Adaptable Aesthetics
White home with double-hung windows


  • Double-hung windows offer versatility in ventilation, ease of cleaning due to tilting sashes, timeless aesthetics, and excellent safety features—making them a favorite among homeowners.

  • With a tight seal and energy-efficient glass options, double-hung windows can significantly reduce energy costs by minimizing air leakage and heat transfer.

  • Absolutely! At Universal Windows Direct-Manchester, we offer a range of design options to ensure your double-hung windows complement your home's aesthetics perfectly.

  • The main difference lies in the sashes. In single-hung windows, only the bottom sash moves, while in double-hung windows, both the top and bottom sashes are operable.

  • It's simple! Visit this link for a free estimate or call us directly at 603-218-3756 to discuss your needs.

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