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No More “Dirty Yellow Snow”Fullback Insulated Vinyl Siding Installation in Concord, NH

Universal Windows Manchester customers Andy and Kristina Olsen love their West Concord, New Hampshire home. The two-story modern dwelling is close to the elementary school, wooded trails, and a municipal golf course — and is just a short drive to Concord’s bustling downtown.

But after four years of living in the home, the Olsens decided it was time for a much-needed facelift. Their home's original siding, a vibrant yellow when built in the 70s, was fading and falling apart. “My wife likened its shade to dirty yellow snow,” he explains, chuckling.

The Perfect Solution

They did some vinyl siding installation research, and after meeting our team at a local networking event, the Olsens knew they had found the perfect solution. “It was nice to speak to Universal’s local team and learn about our options. They made us feel comfortable, taking the time to answer our questions,” Andy says. 

Peace of Mind

“We were impressed with the quality of Universal’s siding options and its lifetime product and labor warranty gave us the peace of mind we needed,” he adds.

Choices, Choices

After reviewing their options, Andy and Kristina selected our premium vinyl siding with fullback insulation. It offers increased durability and protection, decreases outdoor sound transmission, is mold and algae-resistant, and reduces heating and cooling costs by 18 to 20%—ideal for our New Hampshire climate. 

We gave the Olsens several product samples and digital design mockups to help them select the perfect vinyl siding color for their home. “This allowed us to see what the colors would look like during different times of the day. Universal was patient, giving us the time to figure it out,” Andy says. 

After viewing their options, Andy and Kristina decided to go with Harbor Blue. “It’s a deeper blue with some gray and is really pretty. We’re thrilled with how it looks — and no more ‘dirty yellow snow’!”

Does your home need a facelift? Contact our professional vinyl siding installers to get a free project estimate.



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