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Worry-Free Remodeling with UWD’s True Lifetime, Non-Prorated Warranty

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A home remodeling project is a significant investment and one of the best ways to protect that investment is with a warranty. While many home remodeling companies offer warranties, it’s important to read the fine print so you understand the exact terms and benefits. UWDManchester stands out in the industry by offering a true lifetime, non-prorated materials and workmanship warranty for as long as you own your home.

Not All Lifetime Warranties Are Created Equal

Unfortunately, a “lifetime warranty” can mean different things to different people, so read the fine print to fully understand your level of coverage. For example, one leading home remodeling manufacturer offers “lifetime warranties” that last only three years! With Universal Windows Direct, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re truly covered for as long as you own your home. Really.

View of street through broken window

Accidental Glass Breakage Warranty

Universal Windows Direct takes its window warranties further, covering accidental breakage for all of its UniShield® Plus Windows.

Benefits of a Non-prorated Warranty

A typical home remodeling warranty is pro-rated, meaning its coverage decreases over time. A non-prorated warranty, on the other hand, maintains full coverage for the entire warranty period, giving you peace of mind about your investment. “Our full coverage warranty is a testament to our confidence in the durability and quality of our products and workmanship. If you want to know how a company truly feels about their product, look at their warranty,” points out Sean Dodge, general manager at Universal Windows Direct-Manchester.

What if You Sell Your Home?

Not all warranties are transferable, should you decide to sell your home. In some cases, a transferable warranty will cover materials, but not workmanship. At Universal Windows Direct, your materials and labor warranty is transferable, to one subsequent homeowner—bringing added value to your property.

Universal Windows Direct transfer terms info sheet

Don’t Get Duped by the Details

When reviewing any home remodeling warranty, always read the fine print. Even the most comprehensive warranties can have exclusions and limitations. Some may require you to adhere to specific maintenance guidelines to keep it in effect. If you think you may sell your home in the future, ask if your warranty is transferable.

Get the Long-Term Protection You Need

Our lifetime, non-prorated warranty is a rarity in the home remodeling landscape—even the nation’s leading brands don’t offer one. This long-term, comprehensive coverage provides unparalleled protection against manufacturing defects, structural issues, and installation. Contact us today to discuss your exterior home remodeling needs and our unrivaled warranty protection.


About Universal Windows Direct-Manchester

With over 100 years of combined industry experience among our management team, we’re the region’s trusted exterior home remodeling company. We proudly offer residential siding, window, roof, and door installation services in central, southern, and coastal New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.



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