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The Time We Saved A Home From Ruin During A Rainstorm

Proof: UWD Manchester Will Be There When Our Customers Need Us…Even During An Emergency No One Expects

Sometimes you need real, honest-to-goodness, rock-solid proof that the exterior remodeling contractor you want to hire to update your New Hampshire or Northern Mass home…will be there for you!

Hi, and welcome to the UWD Manchester blog. We’re just that kind of contractor and we’ve got so many stories we could use to prove that to you.

How about this one though, which involved a nice home in Weare, NH.

One July we experienced torrential rainfall… basically the entire month! When it rains this much, we expect calls because homes and their systems (gutters, roofing, windows, doors, siding, etc.) are REALLY put to the test. This is when issues come to the surface because moisture finds its way into places it shouldn’t. Suddenly, we get a frantic call from a homeowner complaining that it’s basically raining inside her home!


How could this happen?

Well, let’s explain it, in brief, using bullet points to save time:

  • It was a roofing issue that led to other issues.

  • In an area where there was an improper valley, water was collecting.

  • The previous contractors didn’t wrap the house correctly.

  • They also didn’t flash the windows properly.

  • Over time, the ‘leak’ got so bad that it created a hole and rotted its way from the roof to the basement!

That July just sealed the deal. As we got on the phone the rain was pouring in by the bucketload.

What Did We Do With A Situation Like This?

First of all, our company’s founder was on her property within 30 minutes! There was no time to fuss about. Within another 20 minutes, another of our team members arrived and together they taped it off and got a watertight seal installed along with a diverter to stop the water from coming in through the hole in the roof. Then we replaced all this cheap low-quality fiberboard with high-quality plywood and redid all the flashing so it was picture-perfect and strong! We also properly wrapped the woman’s home in special sheathing so it was protected and redid the siding. That’s how reliable we are for our customers across the New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts area.

Wrapping: Call UWD Manchester For Reliable Exterior Remodeling

We may be a nationally-recognized exterior remodeler with extensive experience and resources, but we’re also locally-owned. We’re a close-knit company with a GENUINE appreciation for what good old fashioned customer service really is here in NH and Northern Mass. Great results…those should come standard. If you want to work with a remodeler that goes above and beyond, that delivers outstanding long-term performance and coverage as well — Contact UWD Manchester. We look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for your time today.



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