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See What We Found Updating This Old Classic Home’s Siding

Story: Look What We Found While Updating This Old Manchester Home’s Siding

We Found An Interesting Portal To The Past Underneath!

Here at Universal Windows Direct Manchester, we specialize in superior vinyl and composite siding systems. They’re high-value, high-performance, and low-maintenance systems that are specially engineered for our New England area. This means we update homes across the Central, Southern, and Coastal parts of New Hampshire, as well as Northern Massachusetts on a regular basis. And, while each project is unique, the one we would like to share with you today was special!

First, let’s have another look at the house in question:

This residence was originally built in the 1930s. As you can see, the roofing was recently updated but the siding was out of date, fading, spotty, and ragged. Rather than trying to keep it painted and fix it, the owners opted for a beautiful easy-to-maintain Vinyl Siding System. So, after our educational design consultation (an integral part of our friendly accommodating Process), we got all the details ironed out and set a date to get started. The first step was stripping the old siding off, and that’s when we found this:

The entire house was wrapped in old local newspaper from the 1930s. This picture doesn’t really do it justice. But in reality, it was in pretty good shape considering it was around 90 years old. Here’s a closer look:

Up close you can actually still read a lot of it. You can see the prices of things, the images of old icons like Walt Disney and read about local stories from back then. We actually took a section, framed it, and put it in our office.

Knee socks for 39-cents? Knitted Parka Hoods for $1-$2? Only $8 for a gorgeous pair of knee-high boots? Wow…

What Did We Do Instead?

We use a strong, cross-woven housewrap that protects the structure against air and water infiltration. It also breathes to allow moisture vapor to escape, reducing the potential for condensation buildup. And that’s not all – it’s UV-stable as well, so it protects the home during installation.

We install it right away after removing the existing siding.

But you just never know what you’re going to find when working on an old home that hasn’t been maintained for a while. It adds to the fun! If you would like to see images of our finished work, head on over to our Siding Project Gallery. There are lots of high-definition images of modern homes that show how dynamic, detailed, and professional out installations are.

Wrapping Up: UWD Is Here When You’re Ready

If you’re getting ready to reside your old New England home and you’re looking for a local, dependable name that people trust, UWD Manchester is eager to get your call. Don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us at your nearest convenience. We’re happy to take the time, listen carefully, treat you well, and treat your home as though it were our own. Thanks so much for your time today and sharing this neat story with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



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