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Rescued! When A Customer Of Ours Plowed Into His Own Home

Rescued! When A Customer Of Ours Plowed Into His Own Home

We Once Had To Quickly Come To The Rescue Of A Customer Who Ran Into His Own Home Plowing Snow!

Hi, and welcome to the UWD Manchester blog. Here in the New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts area, we take care of the exterior remodeling needs of our customers. Whether that’s Premium Replacement Windows, Exterior Doors, Owen’s Corning Asphalt Roofing Systems, or either Vinyl or Composite Siding. But that’s not all...

After the initial installation is done and you’re enjoying the new benefits for your home… it’s not done. When you work with us, you have basically a lifetime of reliable ‘Call US Anytime If There’s A Problem’ service. Sure, we’ve got national recognition and incredible resources, but we’re a local team of hard-working people who take care of each other.

Let’s Look At An Example Of A Wintertime Snafu

One winter (and it wasn’t an extreme winter that year) we received a frantic call from a man who accidentally rammed into his home with his tractor while plowing snow.


It’s the sort of thing you hear about on the news and chuckle to yourself, but you never really believe it can happen to you (or your neighbor, brother, uncle, sister, etc.). This was in Amherst, NH, and the man’s home is a beautiful 4,000 square foot colonial.

Why did he call us?

Because we’d just recently finished updating his home with new, harbor blue, vinyl siding! Thankfully he didn’t cause any serious structural damage, but it was pretty bad nonetheless; a real eyesore. He ran the corner of the plow into the side of his heated garage through some snow. He ran the corner of the plow into the side of his heated garage through some snow.

What Did We Do?

Within minutes all our company’s gears were moving to get him and his family’s house addressed. The area had to be sealed off so this man’s wife and kids weren’t freezing! So we jumped into action to patch up the exposed area and get the repairs done… PRONTO. Winter needed to be kept outside where winter belongs. Within less than two weeks in the dead of winter, we’d ordered all the required materials, removed the damaged siding, repaired it, and redid the corner to absolute perfection Thankfully he didn’t lose too much money in terms of energy loss, and we were able to get him the best possible deal considering the situation. Another successful project and another emergency taken care of for some locals who are a part of our extended family of customers.

Wrapping Up: Turn To Your Dependable NH & Northern Mass Exterior Remodeler

When you invest in your home for the long-term, you need a proven reliable exterior remodeler that’s demonstrated their loyalty and dedication to the communities they serve. If you have questions, concerns, or you’re ready to speak with one of our product specialists, please Contact UWD Manchester today.

We look forward to hearing from you, listening to your needs, and providing the kind of service you deserve. Thanks for your time today!



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