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Even When ‘Everything Goes Wrong’ With Window Replacement – We Come Through!

This Story About A Local Law Firm Is A Perfect Example

Sometimes with Exterior Home Improvement projects, it can feel like Murphy’s Law kicks in and everything that CAN go wrong…DOES go wrong. Not in terms of consultation, our overall process on the contractor side, or installation, but with the aspects of the project we simply don’t have control of. Today let’s talk about a perfect example we went through recently with a local Manchester Law Firm; a group of 12 talented female lawyers. Thanks to our whatever-it-takes approach, we like to say we turned this case of complete chaos into a bed of roses and the customers ended up being thrilled!

Here’s What Went Wrong

First, the country-wide events of 2020 and 2021 really did a number on certain manufacturing sectors in the home improvement industry: labor issues, supply chain issues, etc. This has pushed lead times up basically across the board, and there’s nothing we or the homeowners can do about it. We all just have to get through it until that global mess is fixed, and it takes a more normal amount of time to get custom products made properly and delivered. To up the ante a bit, some of the windows were specialty windows with less common shapes and glass options to keep the original design, look, and feel of what used to be a home. So, it took longer than usual for the windows to come in.

But when they did…

  • Some of the Premium Replacement Windows weren’t sized correctly.

  • Another window that was supposed to be rounded at the top (half-round), arrived squared.

  • Not to mention it was missing glass in this top section, along with another window without glass.

Another Unique Challenge

They needed to be able to use the office throughout the entire Replacement Window Process.

Our Solution

We designed and built a temporary plexiglass unit and installed it. They had a new attorney starting and they couldn’t afford for that part of the office to remain empty. To say this was well-received would be an understatement!

We also installed some Specialty Exterior Doors with impeccable precision, which they loved.

The Reason They Were So Thrilled

Every step of the way, we were in constant communication with them. We quickly let them know what was going wrong, what we were doing about these issues, and how the project’s timeline would be shifting. They never felt out of the loop. They never felt unsure about what was going on. They knew we were going to bend over backward to be as accommodating as humanly possible, given the circumstances.

Wrap Up: It’s Good To Have UWD Manchester In Your Corner

With home improvement, things can go wrong that are outside you and your contractor’s control. When these types of hiccups happen, how good the end results are and your overall experience depends on the quality of the company you choose. Here at UWD Manchester, we’re committed to our customers. We always have been. If you would like to learn more about us, our exterior remodeling process, or the high-quality products we work with, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us Today. We’re happy to take all the time you need and give you our best. Thanks so much, and we look forward to hearing from you.



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