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Spring Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist

A Spring Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist To Spruce Up Your Manchester Home

10 Steps To Refresh The Exterior Of Your Home This Spring

So spring is finally here and you’re ready to enjoy the warmer weather. First things first, you need to get the exterior of your home ready for the season. Manchester winters can be harsh and there may be a lot of cleanup to do. Check out this Spring Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist for the steps you should take to refresh your exterior.

1. Inspect Your Roof

The first thing you should do is inspect your roof for any damage. If you notice anything that looks off, it may be time to get your roof replaced to prevent any internal issues from arising.

2. Check And Repair Your Exterior

If you have paint instead of siding, there’s a good chance it took a beating throughout the winter. You’ll need to inspect the whole exterior of your house to see if there’s any damage that needs repair. This would be a good time to consider having siding installed. Not only does it boost your curb appeal and increase the value of your home, but it’s low maintenance. If you already have siding, take the time to clean it. Since it won’t take much work or effort, this will be one of your easier exterior spring cleaning tasks.

3. Verify Your Windows And Doors Are In Good Condition

Doors and windows need to have their seals intact to keep your energy bills down. Any broken screens should be replaced. This is also an excellent time to thoroughly wash all your windows. During this time, if you notice any damage that you can’t fix yourself or if you have issues with operation, quickly call an expert to have your doors and windows repaired or replaced.

4. Check Your Deck

Inspect your deck and its railings for any damaged pieces and repair them as soon as possible. Now is a great time to reseal your deck to bring back its luster and give it some protection from the elements.

5. Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause roof leaks and water damage both inside and outside your home, which can be devastating. Make sure you get all the sticks and leaves out of your gutters so the water can be safely drawn away from your house and foundation. You may also consider getting a leaf guard to prevent leaves from getting in and creating an issue in the future.

6. Inspect Your Concrete

With all the moisture and the damage-causing freeze cycles, you may end up with unsightly cracks in your concrete. Check out your driveway, walkways, and pool deck to see if you have any new cosmetic issues. If you do, consult with an expert to get them taken care of as soon as possible before they become a more serious problem.

7. Clean Around Your AC

Your AC unit will only work well if it has the right airflow. You will need to remove any debris that has built up around the exterior unit. This will ensure that the fan can rotate smoothly.

8. Check And Repair Fencing, Trellises, And Other Woodwork

If you don’t check and repair your woodwork, there’s a good chance it will rot on you. Repair your fences where you can and replace planks where the damage is too great. You can bring the life back to your old wood with a pressure washer. Then when you’re done, reseal it to prevent rotting and decay. It will also add luster and durability to the wood.

9. Run Your Outdoor Plumbing

It’s also important to check all your outdoor plumbing, making sure that all the pipes still run correctly. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and money if you identify leaks early on by doing this. Also, make sure you check your sprinkler positions. You don’t want to water your sidewalks!

10. Clean Up Your Landscaping

Once everything else is taken care of, it’s time to spruce up the yard. When it comes to landscaping, the sky’s the limit. Flex your creative muscles and make your yard what you want it to be while removing any debris left over from the winter.

Why You Should Choose Universal Windows Direct For Your Home Repair Needs

If you find that your roof, doors, windows, or exterior has been damaged while going through your spring exterior maintenance checklist in Manchester, let a locally-owned company with a great reputation take care of your needs. Our prices are fair and transparent while our products are custom-measured. We only use fully certified installers.

Call Universal Windows Direct at 603-218-3756 to get your free estimate today. If you’re not in Manchester, check out our other service areas to see if you’re in our range.



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