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Check Out This 400-Window Project We Completed In Littleton NH

Wow! Check Out This Rare 400-Window Mill Building Project We Completed In Littleton, NH For A Repeat Customer

At UWD Manchester, we specialize in residential single-family home window replacement…although every now and then we get asked to do something rare, something special (this is outside of our normal volunteering and giving back to local communities).

Let’s look at a neat example...

And please keep in mind, we’re not trying to advertise commercial services!

However, we might do it again!

While it was a pleasure and we enjoyed the challenge of serving such a large extensive building, it’s not our core focus. Again, we focus on local families and their homes here in New Hampshire & Northern Massachusetts (explore our Service Areas).

What was the project?

A beautiful 400-Window Mill Building being turned into condos.

We’ve got a ton of these buildings around Manchester and across New England. But this particular one was an hour and a half north of us in Littleton.

What was the most time-consuming part? The staging!

The process of setting it up, then breaking it down, then moving it again. Over, and over. But, that was what it took to get to all those rows and rows of windows done with absolute precision.

Why did we make a huge double-exception and work on a massive commercial building so far away?

It Was For A Great Client We Have A Long-Standing Relationship With

Roughly 1 out of every 2 customers of ours is either a direct referral or a repeat customer. And one of those repeat customers happens to be a savvy real estate investor who’s had us replace (upgrade/update) windows in a couple of apartment buildings and a number of his growing portfolio of rental properties.

Why does he keep choosing UWD Manchester?

He is very happy with our Premium Ultra-Efficient Windows because they don’t just make these buildings look completely refreshed, but help to raise property values as well. They also save these buildings a lot of money in energy savings! Above all though, whether our customers are getting window replacements or new Asphalt Roofing Systems, they enjoy our friendly, professional, pleasant, and reliable process!

Would we do something like this again? Sure, if we were asked by someone a bit closer to our service area. We take great care of our customers, which is why so many of them come back. How long did it take us to get done? Roughly 3 months. We called it the Rail Trail project because there’s a neat hiking/biking trail that runs right by the building. It goes across Northern NH.

Bottom Line: UWD Manchester Is A Close-Knit Company Capable Of BIG Projects

If your home is ready for new windows, exterior doors, roofing, or siding, we can’t wait to hear from you! Contact UWD Manchester and we’ll be happy to answer your questions, address any concerns you might have upfront, and then get you scheduled to get your free estimate. We’re a small local company, with outstanding teams who can handle everything from single-family homes and apartments, to mill buildings. At the end of the day though, we focus on homeowners. Thanks for your time today!



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